Bull: Season 3 Reviews

February 18, 2019
I love this ensemble cast and enjoy the storylines. I like the plot twists and sticky situations Dr. Bull and his team get into when providing their services to the clients.
January 14, 2019
This Tv show is like criminal minds meets scorpion.interesting cases that Bull investigatives. More story line from the other cast members personal lives would be good. However you can watch any episode without starting from the pilot. Pretty good to watch and will keep you watching
November 14, 2018
Alittle silly but somewhat entertaining . I wouldn't mind if he lost every now and then
½ October 22, 2018
Entertaining series. I took off a half star for the silliness of starting a trial the day after an arrest. Why do that? It?s ridiculous. Why not put a blurb on the screen saying something like ?Six months later?? Other than that, the trials and defense are very interesting.
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